Bukit Batok Nature Park Linda Chua Ghost Hunt

In this episode of Ghost Files Singapore, the team visits Bukit Batok Nature Park, the location of the rape and assault of Linda Chua. Linda was 27 years old when she was brutally raped and then assaulted. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries a week later. Till this day, there are many reports of joggers hearing her cries for help. Noel and his team will attempt to communicate with entities in the hope of proving that Bukit Batok Nature Park is indeed haunted. GFS is directed and produced by Noel Boyd.

Interview with Rasvinder Bhullar

Interview with Rasvinder Bhullar​

Rasvinder Bhullar recalls a scary holiday in Port Dickson and I talk to him about his love for football and D2D Sports.

In our football-crazed society, a few men stand out with their knowledge and involvement in the game. Rasvinder Bhullar is one such individual. He runs soccer leagues with his company D2D Sports and is the host of 'Back Passt with Ras', a popular podcast about all things football. I guess we can say that football flows through his veins! If you don't already know, he's been a guest on Haunted Hour LIVE. IF you missed that episode, you'll find the video at the end of this page.

Let's get down to this interview...

Noel: Hello Rasvinder! Thank you for doing this interview with me. Before I talk about the paranormal, it's only fitting that I speak about your passion. What made you get into football?

Rasvinder: I have always been passionate about football since I was a kid. I wanted to be a professional footballer but unfortunately I couldn't get close to that. So to me, this is the next best thing.

Noel: It's great that you're pursuing your passion. Out of curiosity, which teams do you support?

Rasvinder: I have three teams which I adore and I try to watch all their matches. It's Manchester United and Inter Milan. For national teams, I am a big fan of Italy!

Noel: I certainly support different teams and that's the beautiful thing about football.  So how did D2D Sports come about?

Rasvinder: Well I was managing a team in a D2D League. I got a call one day by the boss, Mr. Azahari to join the company when I was jobless and I was looking to pursue my passion. So I started as an Account Manager and worked and fought my way to be the Executive Director. This is the position that I currently hold and it's something I am very proud of.

Noel: Is there a project that you’re working on now?

Rasvinder: The constant project is the different leagues we have that starts and ends at different times. In between these leagues, we are constantly looking for teams to be a part of new seasons. Besides that, we are looking at novel ideas like 'Walking Football'. We are also working on creating digital content through an ActiveSG grant. The show we are creating is about getting Singaporeans physically fit in a sport of their choice.

Noel: What is Walking Football about?

Rasvinder: Thanks for asking. It's unique and perfect for the older folks. Essentially it's football without running. It's pass, walk, pass, walk and shoot.

Noel: Cool stuff! It sounds like something I can do. What challenges have you experienced since you started D2D Sports?

Rasvinder: Discovering new teams will always be a challenge. More so when these teams need to have the right temperament and mentality. Getting sponsors and partners is also a challenge as well.

Noel: Which footballers inspire and motivate you?

Rasvinder: My all-time favourite is Roberto Baggio! But when I played football as a central defender, I looked up to players like Maldini, Nesta, and Ferdinand.

Noel: Since I am known as a paranormal investigator, I have to ask you this. Have you had a paranormal experience you’d like to share?

Rasvinder: I have a few. The one I would share is the scariest. This happened in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan, Malaysia. We rented a bungalow for a birthday celebration through my maternal family that stays there and it was an old-looking bungalow. I made the mistake of putting on strong cologne after I took my shower. After the festivities for the day had ended, all of us retired to our respective bedrooms.

Somehow I could sense 'something' was getting closer and closer to the window! I was deeply frightened and kept praying. I did not dare to open my eyes. Thankfully, my sister who can see these things intervened and that thing left. That thing turned out to be a pontianak!

Noel: Oh my, that does sound scary! Were there any other paranormal disturbances in this bungalow?

Rasvinder: There were different disturbances that night with other members of the family. It was safe to say not many had a good night's rest that night.

Noel: I've heard many stories of holidays gone wrong but I am glad you and your family are safe. Thank you so much for doing this interview Rasvinder. You're always a joy to speak to. Before I let you go, what advice would you have to anyone that wants to start a business?

Rasvinder: It's been my pleasure! Well you'll need a lot of resilience to survive because nothing is guaranteed. Firstly you don't get a monthly salary to fall back on so there will be good times and bad. You need to be resilient to ride out the hard times. Above all, you need to work very hard! There may be times where you'll have to find different sources of income. So work hard, be creative and be resilient.

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